Supply Chain Diversity

Supplier Chain Diversity is a system designed to connect business with corporate level opportunities. Corporate businesses classify suppliers as contractors. This business strategy that ensures a diverse supplier can engage with consumers and business based on their products. By being in the Supply Chain you are able to list the services you offer and how you protect the clients interest on a global level.

Supply Chain Diversity (  emphasizes the importance of selecting suppliers for a verified source.  A business that incorporates a diverse Supply Chain system  ensures the inclusion of diverse groups in the procurement plans for future growth. Supply Chain Diversity is a valued system for government agencies, not-for-profits organizations, and the private industry.

Organizations who embrace the Supply Chain System are more profitable due to selecting the right suppliers for the right Jobs.  A business can be targeted based on their weakness or inability to locate valued suppliers to solve corporate level issues. An example of this would be Cyber Security. is an independent organization that specifically focuses on diversity in the supply chain process. We identify the bust businesses in the world that are capable of solving issues on a local and global scale. Various laws have changed the way businesses hire and fire employees. These laws effect the balance and quality of life. Supply Chain Diversity identify businesses that are capable of hiring a diverse staff and keeping their staff. This core value of Supply Chain Diversity allows our clients to locate a business based on their talent, product and vision.

Join our team today. Each representative speaks highly of the vendors and our studies have found mentoring and or offering business development solutions to organization is based on the supporting firms ability to incorporate technology and guidance. Supply Chain Diversity is here to give you the customized paperwork that your organization needs including listing you as a certified supplier in our system for the purpose of highlighting suppliers who are capable of leading our United States into the 21st Century Successfully.

Supply Chain Diversity assist business in the following areas:

  • Application support  - Become a certified Vendor.
  • Advocacy support for woman-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses.
  • Provide administrative operational paperwork for all business types.
  • Enroll your business into our Preferred Supplier Directory.
  • Highlight your business online and through personal collaborations & partnerships. 

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